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StreetSense™ LED Roadway Sign Light

RWSL Dialight introduces the state-of-the-art StreetSense LED fixtures designed specifically for “new” and “retrofit” installations of Roadway Sign Lights.  Offered in both 70W and 100W versions, the rugged, solid state StreetSense fixture is not only an energy efficient alternative, but its projected fixture service life of ten years (50% on-time, >70% lumen maintenance after 60K hours) also brings other significant benefits.

StreetSense™ LED Street Light

SL 0111 Representing the latest innovation in LED roadway and area lighting, the new Dialight StreetSense™ Series LED Street Light features Dialight’s exclusive optics technology for precision light placement along with maximum energy efficiency and reliability for ultra-low total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the fixture.