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Optopipe® Lightpipes

Catalogs & Brochure

pdficon 515 Series Datasheet pdficon 515-1016F
pdficon Optopipe® Lightpipe Actuator Extensions Datasheet

Selector Guides

pdficon Lightpipe Selector Guide (Interactive)

IGS & STP Files

pdficon 5151000F IGS pdficon 5151000F STP
pdficon 5151001F IGS pdficon 5151003F IGS
pdficon 5151003F STP pdficon 5151004F IGS
pdficon 5151004f STP pdficon 5151005801F IGS
pdficon 5151005801F STP pdficon 5151005F IGS
pdficon 5151005F STP pdficon 5151009F IGS
pdficon 5151009F STP pdficon 5151010F IGS
pdficon 5151010F STP pdficon 5151011F IGS
pdficon 5151011F STP pdficon 5151016F IGS
pdficon 5151016F STP pdficon 5151020805F IGS
pdficon 5151020805F STP pdficon 5151020806F IGS
pdficon 5151020806F STP pdficon 5151020F IGS
pdficon 5151020F STP pdficon 5151022F IGS
pdficon 5151022F STP pdficon 5151023803F IGS
pdficon 5151023803F STP pdficon 5151023F IGS
pdficon 5151030F IGS pdficon 5151030F STP
pdficon 5151037F STP pdficon 5151038F IGS
pdficon 5151038F STP pdficon 5151038F STP
pdficon 5151040F IGS pdficon 5151040F STP
pdficon 5151047F IGS pdficon 5151047F STP
pdficon 5151048F IGS pdficon 5151048F STP
pdficon 5151049F IGS pdficon 5151049F STP
pdficon 5151052F IGS pdficon 5151052F STP
pdficon 5151061F IGS pdficon 5151061F STP
pdficon 5151062F IGS pdficon 5151062F STP
pdficon 5151063F IGS pdficon 5151063F STP
pdficon 5151064801F IGS pdficon 5151064801F STP
pdficon 5151064F IGS pdficon 5151064F STP
pdficon 5151069F IGS pdficon 5151069F STP
pdficon 5151071F IGS pdficon 5151071F STP
pdficon 5151078F IGS pdficon 5151078F STP
pdficon 5151086F IGS pdficon 5151086F STP
pdficon 5151087F IGS pdficon 5151087F STP
pdficon 5151088F IGS pdficon 5151088F STP
pdficon 5151089F IGS pdficon 5151089F STP
pdficon 5151090801F IGS pdficon 5151090801F STP
pdficon 5151090F IGS pdficon 5151090F STP
pdficon 5151093F IGS pdficon 5151093F STP
pdficon 5151093F STP pdficon 5151094F IGS
pdficon 5151094F STP pdficon 5151096F IGS
pdficon 5151096F STP pdficon 5151097F IGS
pdficon 5151097F STP pdficon 5151104F
pdficon 5151104F pdficon 5151105F IGS
pdficon 5151105F STP pdficon 5151106F IGS
pdficon 5151106F STP pdficon 5151110F IGS
pdficon 5151110F STP pdficon 5151113F IGS
pdficon 5151113F STP pdficon 5151118F IGS
pdficon 5151118F STP pdficon 5151119F IGS
pdficon 5151119F STP pdficon 515-1132F IGS
pdficon 515-1132F STP pdficon 5151135F IGS
pdficon 5151135F STP pdficon 5151136F IGS
pdficon 5151136F STP pdficon 5151137F IGS
pdficon 5151137F STP pdficon 5151154F IGS
pdficon 5151154F STP pdficon

Technical Documents

pdficon DFARS Clause 252.225-7014 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals pdficon Optopipe Custom Light Pipe Designs
pdficon Statement of Compliance Regarding Laser Safety Issues pdficon UL File Card 551-0407F , 571-0112F

2D Drawings

pdficon 5151001F STP pdficon C17677
pdficon C17799 pdficon C17840
pdficon C17855 pdficon C17856
pdficon C17858 pdficon C17872
pdficon C17891 pdficon C17892
pdficon C17903

Environmental Compliance

pdficon Interactive RoHS Certificate pdficon REACH Compliance Statement
pdficon RoHS Compliance Overview


pdficon Getting To Know LEDs pdficon Glossary of terms
pdficon Indication FAQs